District Attorney’s Message

The nearly 1,000 professionals in the District Attorney's Office are pursuing justice in dozens of courtrooms around San Diego County on a daily basis. Over the last year, our office issued more than 41,000 criminal cases and maintained a 94 percent felony conviction rate, one of the highest among all counties in California. I continue to be very proud of the dedication and professionalism shown by the employees in our office.
The economy dominated the headlines during 2009 and the recession had a direct impact on the District Attorney’s Office and our employees. Responding to the economic downturn, the District Attorney's Office has been hard at work, managing operating costs while ensuring we do not compromise core and essential public safety services to the community. We rely largely on funding from state sales taxes and property taxes, both of which have decreased significantly during the recession.

The DA's Office has already cut the budget by about 10% and we continue to look for ways to "work smarter." Our budget reduction strategy for fiscal year 2010-11 includes the following possible actions:

In order to mitigate the impact of our reduced workforce, we created several teams of committed DA employees to proactively look at how we can improve the way we do business. All of the teams included diverse representation from all levels and areas of our organization. These teams worked hard over the last several months to come up with creative ideas and solutions to help our office "work smarter."

At the same time, we continued our mission to protect the community by working to prevent crime. Here are some of the prosecution and crime prevention highlights from the year.
During 2009, we:

Bonnie M. Dumanis

San Diego County District Attorney

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