2014 Staffing
Division Chief1
Legal Support Manager1
Administrative Assistant1
Sr. Probation Officer Liaison1
Paralegal Supervisor1
Victim Advocate Manager1
Victim Advocate Supervisors3
Victim Advocates12
Clerical Support2
Student Workers6

The San Diego County District Attorney’s Victim Services Division works to reduce the trauma, frustration and the inconvenience experienced by victims, witnesses, and family members affected by crime. We do this by providing a variety of services to victims of crime and their families, in addition to supporting victims and witnesses through the criminal justice process.

Led by Division Chief Cynthia Charlebois, the work done by staff in this division allows for faster and more complete recovery from the effects of crime. Some of the services provided by the division include:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Resource and Referrals
  • Victims of Crime Claim Submission
  • Court Support
  • Restitution Assistance

The Victim Assistance Program provides comprehensive services to victims of all types of crimes, as mandated by Penal Code Section 13835 of the California and Federal Victims of Crime Act Public Law 98-473. Mandatory and optional services are provided to crime victims even when a suspect has not been apprehended or prosecuted. This program is meant to reduce the trauma that victims experience in the aftermath of a crime.

The DA’s Victim Advocates are very busy. In 2014, they assisted 15,870 new crime victims, which consisted of 1,055 crisis interventions. They provided resource and referrals to 13,845 victims of crime and provided case status support on 7,187 cases. Victim Advocates also assisted in filing 3,451 applications with the Victim Compensation Program and provided court escort and support to 959 victims.

The Joint Powers Claims Unit processed 1,100 claims from victims of violent crimes, and 3,071 bills from service providers. The unit also facilitated payment of about $1.5 million to victims from the California Victim Compensation Program Fund.

The Criminal Restitution Recovery Unit helped to obtain and complete 1,529 orders, assisted 663 victims, and obtained restitution fines totaling $1.3 million. The unit also helped to secure restitution amounts totaling $8.5 million.

Our Senior Probation Officer Liaison provided assistance to victims in 2,104 cases. As a result, $23.1 million in restitution was ordered paid to victims and $625,067 in restitution was distributed directly to victims in 2014.

Notable accomplishments in 2014 included:

  • The division participated in National Crime Victims’ Rights Week by hosting a Citizens of Courage Luncheon and a Candlelight Tribute at the San Diego Police Officer’s Association.
  • The District Attorney played a pivotal role in providing $21,275 using the DA Victims Emergency Fund for immediate needs of 24 crime victims. The money helped to provide food, medical, dental, housing, and personal items.
  • The program held its annual holiday drive for crime victims’ families. Through staff coordination, 29 families, and 61 children were provided with gifts, cash, food, toys and clothing.
  • Victim advocates taught cadets at the San Diego Regional Police Academy and at Probation Core Training regarding rights of crime victims.
  • The Victim Assistance Program participated in the District Attorney’s Citizens Academy providing public awareness of victim services and rights by providing a presentation to the class.
  • The Victim Assistance Program continued to provide Community outreach and education by participating in community events such as Chicano Park Day and the Survivors of Violent Loss Annual Holiday Event.
  • The California State Victim Compensation Program awarded a proclamation to the Joint Powers Unit recognizing them for providing “Outstanding Victim Services in San Diego County.”
  • The Victim Services Division received recognition by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in honoring one of their dedicated volunteers as a volunteer of the year.
  • This year our support dogs provided victim assistance for 118 crime victims including comfort during 36 jury trials and 42 preliminary hearings and many victim interviews with Deputy District Attorneys and law enforcement personnel.