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Economic crimes often have dire consequences, from destroying family equity in a property to rendering corporate stocks worthless to shareholders. These crimes may be committed by individuals against institutions or other individuals. The Economic Crimes Division is responsible for prosecuting a wide variety of wrongdoing, including elder financial abuse, computer intrusion, complex identity theft, investment scams, embezzlements, real estate matters, counterfeit goods, environmental crimes and the theft of public assistance funds. The division also acts to protect consumers and businesses by successfully filing numerous civil cases to prohibit unfair business practices within the marketplace. The division was led by Chief Damon Mosler and Assistant Chief Victor Barr in 2018.

Cases of note included:

People v. Robert Mansueto

The defendant, a dentist whose license was revoked, advertised under a false name to lure patients into hiring him for low-cost surgery. His procedures caused his patients serious injuries requiring remedial surgeries. He pled guilty during trial and received an eight year prison sentence.

People v. ICOR, Inc

A statewide consumer fraud case to enjoin harassing debt collection calls. After two years of civil litigation, the business agreed to injunctive supervision, stopped the calls and paid $9,000,000 in civil penalties and costs.

People v. Marilyn Perez

In this Elder Financial Abuse case, the defendant took her memory-impaired elder sister from a nursing home in order to help her fraudulently transfer five parcels worth $3,000,000 to herself. In pleading guilty, the defendant agreed to return her sister to the care facility and the properties back to the rightful owners.

People v. Arco National Construction

The Division’s Environmental team reviews and handles OSHA cases involving deaths on job sites due to accidents. A $240,000 civil settlement was obtained for the widow of a worker who was crushed by a retaining wall.