District Attorney’s Message

I am so proud of what our team at the District Attorneys' Office has accomplished and the past year was no different.  Across the organization, there are stories of success and standout employees who help make us one of the premier DA Offices in the nation.  Through hard work, we've been able to maintain a 94 percent felony conviction rate year after year.

The past several months have been particularly challenging because of monumental changes to our criminal justice system known as Public Safety Realignment.  On top of the tremendous amount of work we already have, we had the massive undertaking of implementing a response to the new reality of having thousands of felons serve their sentences in county jail instead of state prison.  We also had to develop specialized caseloads to handle revocations of new types of supervision post sentence.

We acted swiftly and professionally, working collaboratively with our public safety partners and local law enforcement agencies, which were all faced with the same dilemma. Together, we implemented a plan that draws on proven practices in sentencing, detention, and community supervision to address root causes of criminal behavior, while still holding offenders accountable in order to prevent new crimes and protect public safety, including creating the first Mandatory Supervision Court in the state.

I invite you to look through this year's Annual Report and learn more about our mission at the DA's Office, how we carry out our core prosecutorial practices and our innovative crime prevention programs.

Bonnie M. Dumanis

San Diego County District Attorney




















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